Space Photonics

Changing the game with Optical Communications in Space

Space Photonics is backed by a team of leading experts in Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) and Radiation Tolerant Optical Transceivers for space applications. With over a decade of innovative tech development; nearly $28 million in product sales; and successful collaborations/projects with various government programs and aerospace companies including NASA and the DoD, Lockheed, Orbital ATK, and Honeywell, we offer highly skilled expertise and trained eyes to further explore deep space optical communications.

We believe utmost quality is essential to your mission-critical space endeavors. Our core objective is to bring deep space optical communication to life through collaboration and licensing, and we are continuously leveraging our strategic relationships in the field to help create world-changing products.


Space Optics Consulting

Free Space Optics & Fiber Optics for Space

We have acquired multiple patents relating to FSO acquisition tracking and pointing techniques which have become incredibly valuable and insightful to the field of wireless optical communications. This specific beam steering technology limits or completely eliminates the need for gimbals or steering mirrors. This technology can be implemented in a variety of conditions.

Space technology, whether it's in orbit or in deep space, requires outstanding precision and demands expert knowledge of space physics with negligible gravity. Years of experience gives us these capabilities. While our specialty is our own patented technology, we are also widely knowledgeable when it comes to free space optics in general.

Our technology enables very low power consumption, very high speed switching and tracking, as well as providing a small form factor for easy and rapid deployment.

laser communication bandwidth in space

Space Qualified Optical Transceivers

Consulting and Contracting Services

We are able to provide ruggedized hybrid transceivers with various packaging options, such as single or multi-channel transmitters and receivers, or single and multichannel transceivers. Some more possible features include:

  • Tunable optical output power and receive sensitivity.
  • Custome and/or standard COTS optical fiber construction and connector options.
  • Differential inputs and outputs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Highly tolerant to common ionizing radiation environments - High Energy Proton, Heavy Ion, and X-ray Burst to high doses.
These transceivers are optimal for high data rate communication in harsh space, terrestrial, and defense environments, or any other environment that is subject to radiation. This includes high speed intra-satellite fiber optic communications, aircraft that may or may not be subject to radiation, optical network applications.

Environmental screening and qualifications include:

  • Heavy Ion, High Energy Proton, & X-ray Burst, ionizing radiation environment testing.
  • Thermal Cycling & Thermal Shock
  • Vibration Fatigue / Random Vibration
  • Mechanical Shock (as needed)
  • Humidity Cycling (moisture resistance)
  • Constant Acceleration (as needed)
  • Fine/Gross Leak
  • Salt Atmosphere (as needed)
  • Other options for customized transceivers are also available.

Multi-Protocol Fiber Optic Networks

Consulting and Contracting Services

The Space Photonics's team consists of experts and have experience going back to the creation of the SAE standard itself. These networks are excellent for intra-satellite applications with radiation tolerance, built in redundancy, as well as being able to meet tight size, weight, and power constraints while still providing generous amounts of bandwidth with deterministic latency.