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Space Photonics specializes in developing space qualified fiber optics, optoelectronics, Anti-Tamper Technologies, and free space optics equipment for space applications and earth-based deployments. Having worked with NASA, Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation, Orbital Sciences, Honeywell, Navy, Air Combat Command, and others, Space Photonics has acquired much experience with Military and Aerospace communications and security.

PCB Design Services

PCB Design

Our experienced, highly skilled team will work with you to define design requirements, and will perform component selection, design analysis, and PCB layout.

FPGA Core Design

FPGA Core Design

Over the years, we have developed cores for implementation on various Xilinx FPGAs, including the Virtex-II Pro, Virtex-4, Virtex-5, Spartan-3A, and Spartan-6.

Software Programming Services

Fiber-Optic Network Design

The members of the Space Photonics team are experts in fiber-optic network design and have unique expertise surrounding satellite- and vehicle-related fiber-optic networks.

Optical Communication Technology

Space Photonics is highly experienced with optical communication such as military grade Fiber-Optics, Free Space Optic Communications, and Fiber-Optic networks for vehicles and self-contained networks. FireFiber® comes in various package options with fully customizable channels and operates with low power consumption; Excellent for high speed optical networking in harsh environments, and harsh terrestrial applications. We also offer RAD-Tolerant options for fiber-optic transceivers when requested.

Our LaserFire® system delivers highly secure gigabit data rates with transceivers up to 5 km apart with an inner steering mechanism that has no need for steering gimbals. Currently being licensed with a worldwide manufacturer shows the growing need for Free Space Optics across the board of various applications.

Space Photonics Nanomaterials

FPGA Core Security

Some of our FPGA Core Security contains sensitive information and will require you to Contact Us for more detailed information. Otherwise, you may click the link to find out an overview of our capabilities. Such as a combination of on-the-fly partial reconfiguration, bitstream decryption, protected configuration pins, and more.

Applied Nanotechnology

X-Ray Blocking Materials

Developed specifically in an effort to conceal critical components from adversaries and has been proven effective in obfuscation of critical technology components against X-Ray and Terahertz Microscopy imaging attempts. We challenge anyone to image through XBS; we simply don't think it can be done.

Nanomaterials for hardware lock

Anti-Tamper Systems and Materials

A large portion of our work has been done involving various systems and materials used for anti-tamper and protection of sensitive technology. Our products include military quality Managed FPGA systems, Source Code Obfuscation techniques, Nano-Mesh physical intrusion sensors, and More.

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